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10 Things You Need to Know About Dry Shampoo

August 30, 2015

dry shampoo at BreCyn salon in Everett, WA

There is nothing worse than spending time styling your hair and having to wash it the next day because of an oily scalp. Thank goodness someone created dry shampoo, it is a real life saver when you want to extend your beautiful blow out to keep it bouncy and fresh for days.

Dry shampoo can not only save you from more damage by not having to use heat on a daily basis, but it can also be a real time saver in the morning! For anyone who is not familiar with this amazing product, keep reading to learn some helpful hints and tricks about our favorite dry shampoo.

1. Only use on dry hair

This may see obvious but dry shampoo only work if you use it on dry hair. Do not try to use on wet or slightly damp hair.

2. Distance

Since most dry shampoos are an aerosol, be sure to spray from at least 6 inches away from your scalp. If you get too close, it is too concentrated and you will get an unwanted build up that is hard to get through your hair.

3. Don’t worry if it is white

Dry shampoo should be a little powdery. Don’t freak out if it turns your hair a little white at the root, go ahead and spray and if it does get white use a comb or your fingers to work it into your hair.

4. Add a little at a time

Be sure to work your dry shampoo into your hair as you go, a little can go a long way. You can work it through by brushing your hair to distribute the product.

5. Style again later

Don’t go overboard with it. It is easy to want to keep spraying and end up getting too much in one spot. If you happen to do this, don’t worry! Just apply some lightweight serum and blow dry the spot on low. You can also try brushing it in until it is completely absorbed.

6. Stop touching

At this point, stop touching your hair. The natural oils from your fingers are going to undo everything you just did. Save yourself sometime and just don’t touch your hair.

7. Spray underneath

When applying dry shampoo start from underneath, lift up the top layer of your hair and spray. Do not apply to the top of your head. This way you will add volume and hide the white residue.

8. Add volume

Not only does dry shampoo absorb excess oil from your hair but when used correctly you can add volume and texture to your hair. You can use dry shampoo later in the day for a pick-me-up to take the look from day to night.

9. Avoid this common mistake

There is one section of your hair that doesn’t need dry shampoo love, your ends. If you spray your ends they will feel dry and full of static. If your ends need some help, try using a light weight serum to keep them looking shiny.

10. Make use of bobby pins

If you have soft hair you can use dry shampoo when styling to add texture to help secure bobby pins. You can even try spraying each pin before using it.

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