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Passing on a Legacy

February 18, 2016

After many wonderful years as the owner of BreCyn Salon, Cyndi Mitchell has decided to pass this role on to a very talented stylist, Emily Douglas. We have all been honored with the experience of working for Cyndi and we will all miss her leadership, but we are excited for the opportunities that are in front of us. Cyndi created a very unique culture at BreCyn by putting the needs of her employees above the needs of the business, resulting in many stylists staying at BreCyn their entire careers. She has been a friend, a mentor, and a role model to many. Cyndi established BreCyn in 1986 in the same building off of Beverly Blvd that it currently is located in, transforming a quaint house from the early 20th century into a salon that now employs over 15 people.


When she first bought the building it was covered in moss and had been part   of a Montessori school. When Cyndi’s daughter Breana first saw the building    she said “Oh mom, no one is going to come see you there!”  Over the years the   salon has gone through many remodels and in addition to the hair salon   itself, it has housed a wide variety of additional services including a boutique,  a coffee stand, nails, massage therapy and esthetics.

Continuing education has been at the forefront of Cyndi’s career and she has always strived to pass her knowledge on to the people she works with. Cyndi has traveled around the world in pursuit of furthering her education as a stylist including taking classes in England, Spain and Italy. Cyndi’s biggest influence in the business was Vidal Sassoon, a British hair stylist and businessman that revolutionized the hair industry.

Although Cyndi is retiring from ownership, she is still working in the salon several days a week. She has a wonderful clientele, some relationships which have spanned her entire 40 year career. With this new season, she also has more time to pursue her new found passion of writing. She has already published one book, “When You Think About It”, a book following her journey to explore life after death, which she began her research on after her daughter passed away.

We are all so thankful for the supportive, encouraging environment that Cyndi built at BreCyn. It has allowed all of us to grow and learn many life lessons both personally and professionally. We will all strive to continue the business in the model Cyndi established, making the focus on the relationships.

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